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how I really feel about life post-pandemic.....

Real talk...

Jumping back in to auditions and a faster lifestyle after over a year of a break is really hard. It is incredibly exciting, yes, but that excitement also comes with some hardships.


We're facing the possibility of rejection again, we're fighting bodies that have been in rest mode (not to mention may be recovering from COVID long-lasting symptoms) no matter how many dance classes we took in our living rooms, and we're rushing to understand a whole new way of auditioning (online submissions). All while navigating ever-changing safety guidelines.

Personally, I've been experiencing a lot of anxiety and stress over this transition. I'm incredibly grateful to be able to do it, but at the same time I think it's important to be honest about how we're feeling.

I sincerely hope we come back from this time away a more transparent, generous, and understanding industry. The "hussle" is great and all but if I've learned anything from this past year, it's that breaks are good, family can take precedence over jobs, and to always lead with gratitude.

Thanks for reading!

back to the hustle

I'm diving headfirst into submitting, creating, and taking class to get back into shape for future opportunities. While over the last year my employment was unusual (even by show biz standards), I was able to learn and grow in different areas of my life that will only enhance my skills as a performer. 

Check out what I was up to while theatre was shutdown!

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

below is the trailer, but we made the whole show!

The Drowsy Chaperone

photos from our one day of filming in person on the stage


musicals go virtual

Associate Choreographer -

Manhattan School of Music

Over the last year, I was fortunate enough to work on not one, but two, virtual productions as Associate Choreographer at Manhattan School of Music. Under the brave direction of Liza Gennaro (choreographer), Evan Pappas (director), David Loud (music director), and Super Awesome Friends (video production), we created hybrid socially distant/virtual productions of Drood and The Drowsy Chaperone for audiences to enjoy digitally.

A few scenes were filmed in masks outdoors, but most of the rehearsals and filming happened via zoom with the students running their own sound, video, and lights with our direction through the computer screen.  

Along with the usual associate job description, I ended up taking on more responsibility and learning new skills in this process. I created storyboards to illustrate the choreography and visuals to be seen on screen for each number. Then made a shotlist with all the info needed to execute each shot for each performer to make the storyboard happen. I was involved in the editing process post-production and helped with scheduling. All via zoom!


It was incredibly difficult, but I am so proud of what we accomplished

making art from afar


While in my hometown of Sacramento, I was lucky enough to be part of a dance video commemorating the anniversary of the 19th amendment, with my old dance teacher.. it was a very special experience to say the least.

TJC's Tap Crew

My good friend Tyler Johnson Campion started TJC's tap crew! I got to be included in his thoroughly modern millie video, where tapping friends who would normally be in nyc, sent videos to be edited together from all over the country.

Em's embroidery and more

hobby turned small business

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I've always had a love for making crafty things. A few years ago I picked up embroidery and have been thinking of turning it into an online business ever since. I finally found the time last summer to make that dream a reality! 

It's still very small, but I loved having so many projects to do over the last year to keep me busy and creative.

Check it out on instagram @ems_embroidery.more to see my embroidered goods, with a focus on upcycling and crafting sustainably.