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did i mention i'm a nerd?


Hey there! I'm a New York based performer/choreographer/nerd. Broadway would be cool and all but I know I'll have "made it" when I can afford to rescue a dog and add extra guac on my burritos whenever I want.

I was born and raised in Sacramento, Ca, but didn't tap into my inner cali girl until later in life. Growing up, I always wanted to leave home for the big city, but now you'll catch me searching for the nearest beach and convincing all my friends to switch their cleaning products to zero-waste/eco-friendly versions. 

Although I tried my hand at the whole sports thing, singing and dancing was always my jam. Eventually I realized that stepping into a characters shoes and telling a story to a bunch of strangers was what I was meant to do. I believe stories have the power to change minds and hearts. It's our responsibility as performers to give 100% every show for the chance to make one person feel something.


I also believe in being a role model off stage. Fighting for change and true equality for all is extremely important to me. I was a misfit who found a home in the wonderfully wacky world of theatre, it's my job to make sure every space I'm in is just as welcoming and accepting of every human.  

I am a proud graduate of Indiana University's BFA Musical Theatre program. Here you can take a look at what I've been up to and contact me for more info. Enjoy! 

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(noun) side job theatre person starts in a non-theatrical field
also see: muggle (person not in theatre)


When I'm not dancing, I'm crafting!

Check out my fave hobby and occasional side hussle: custom embroidery designs and upcycled clothing.

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